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Name: Arne Babenhauserheide


In English


  • He has a little Farm or Alias-Names, including: ArneBab, Draketo, ZwiSter, Zwillingsstern, Sterndrache, Drache and Drak, but nowadays he mostly goes by the simple yet pleasing ArneBab.
  • Phex user since... did I mention that his memory doesn't save date and time? :)
  • Spoken Languages: German, English, Esperanto, very little French and soon Spanish (he hopes dearly :) ).
  • Martial state: Happily betrothed since 2005-09-19.

On it goes in german

Auf Deutsch

  • Email: arne_bab -ät- web -pungd- de
  • Staat: Deutschland
  • Wohnort: Heidelberg
  • Kommentar: Filk-Music ist genial!

Schaut doch mal auf vorbei.

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