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Additional terms and revised gpl

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Consider this scenario:

EvilCorp finds out a way to exploit additional restrictions (section 7) and writes a version of some GPLv3+ licenced program that is agaist the spirit of gpl (let's call it EvilApp). Fsf writes gpl v3.1 that don't allow such restriction.

Which of the following happends according to current GPLv3 draft? Which of them should happend?

  1. EvilApp cannot be upgraded to gpl v3.1 despite it is licenced "gpl 3 or any later".
  2. EvilApp can be upgraded to gpl v3.1, but the restrictions can't be taken out, even when they contradict gpl v3.1.
  3. EvilApp can be upgraded to gpl v3.1 and the restrictions can then be removed thus infridging EvilCorp's copyright.