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A few tips on getting the most out of the commenting system, pending "real" documentation:

- I would like to be able to view all comments associated with a particular section.

Click "change" on the statusbar, and search for "Section id contains [ section id ]". You can learn the section id by going to "read/say more" for a comment from that section (where the section id is also a link to the query for all comments on that section). You can switch between the license view and the list/threaded view with the "see on license" and "list" links on the status bar. (soon we'll change the link that it offers, from linking just to the sentence-level query, to offering breadcrumbs-style links to the section, the paragraph, and the sentence each.)

The RSS feed linked at the top of each page is a feed for the search query that is currently being shown. So you may subscribe to a feed just of comments on section "licensecompat" or "licensingpatents", or even on "licensingpatents.p0.s1". Or "s1" to see all the comments on the first sentences of all paragraphs. Or on comments by a particular user, or comments containing particular text.