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Compatible licenses

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EPL not GPLv3 compatible
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* [[Apache License, version 1.1]] * [[Apache License, version 1.1]]
* [[Apache Software License, version 2.0]] * [[Apache Software License, version 2.0]]
 +* [[GNU General Public License, version 2.0]]
* [[PHP license, version 3.01]] * [[PHP license, version 3.01]]

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This page centrally documents what licenses will be compatible with the GPLv3, with an emphasis of noting what compatibilities changed since version 2, this list will influence the GNU project's license list.


GPLv2-compatible licenses

These licenses were compatible with the GNU GPL version 2.

GPLv2-incompatible licenses

These licenses were incompatible with the GNU GPL version 2.

GPLv3-compatible licenses

These licenses will be newly compatible with the GNU GPL version 3.

These licenses will still be compatible with the GNU GPL version 3.

  • See the list above.

GPLv3-incompatible licenses

These licenses are still incompatible:

As stated by Mike Milinkovich (Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation) by email:

It is our view that unfortunately there are several restrictions in GPLv3 that prevent the EPL in its current form from being included in a GPLv3 project. One example issue is that the EPL states that it is to be interpreted under the laws of New York, which AFAICT is not permitted under the GPLv3.

In other words, in its current form we do not believe that the EPL and GPLv3 will be compatible. Believe me, we're as disappointed as anyone, as we had high hopes when the process first started.

On the question whether it would be ever possible to allow a derived product to be licensed under a single license (for instance the GPL):

I believe that the EPL allows re-distribution of EPL code with other licenses, but the EPL does not allow code contributed under it to be re-licensed under another license.

These are licenses newly incompatible with the GPL version 3:

  • None.