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Outline of presentations at the 2nd International GPLv3 Conference

by johns last modified 2006-05-10 17:57

Here is a list of the presentations and presenters from the 2nd International GPLv3 Conference, 2006 April 21-22. We will include links to transcripts and video as they become available.

21 April 2006

  • GPLv3 Introduction, Richard M. Stallman, President of FSF
  • Discussion of GPLv3 Key Changes and Specific Elements, Richard Fontana, Software Freedom Law Center
  • International Implications of a Worldwide Copyright License
    • Thiago Tavares Nunes de Oliveira
    • Federico Heinz, President of FSF Latin America
    • Omar Kaminski
    • Palmira Granados

22 April 2006

  • Software Patents and DRM
    • Beatriz Busaniche, FSF Latin America
    • David "Novalis" Turner, FSF GPLv3 Coordinator
    • Enrique Chaparro, FSF Latin America
    • Paul Madick, Hewlett Packard
    • Pedro A D Rezende, Projeto Software Livre Brasil
  • GPL Compatibility with Other Free Software Licenses
    • Alexandre Oliva, FSF Latin America
    • Don Armstrong, Debian Project
    • Georg C.F. Greve, President of FSF Europe
    • Simon Phipps, SUN Microsystems
    • Tania Leal, TECSUA
  • Free Software Development and Adoption of GPLv3 in Latin America
    • Daniel Olivera, UTUTO
    • Michael Tiemann, OSI
    • Ciaran O'Riordan, FSF Europe
    • Cesar Brod, Cooperativa de Solucoes Livres
    • Federico Heinz, FSF Latin America

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