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Discussion Committees

by admin last modified 2006-02-02 13:24

Dealing with what will probably be extensive public comments is the task of the Discussion Committees, which must structure the flow of comments into issues that can be productively analyzed and whose proposed solutions can be debated. Their work in discovering, developing, and presenting issues is the heart of the version 3 public discussion process.

In addition, Committees are responsible for developing all the opinions and analysis concerning issues they identify from the stream of commentary. As each Committee feels that an issue has been fully discussed among its members, it will be expected to present to the Free Software Foundation its deliberation and analysis of the issue as well as a summary of the public comment that informed its position.

These committees are formed from elements of the larger GPL community, including large and small enterprises, both public and private; vendors, commercial and noncommercial redistributors; development projects that use the GPL as a license for their programs; development projects that use other free software licenses, but are invested in the contents of the GPL; and unaffiliated individual developers and people who use software.

Committee Folders

Each committee has its own folder, where its members can create and edit pages and upload files.

If you are a committee member, you can click on your committee's ID below and edit the committee's collaboration web space.


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