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Committee B Minutes / Conf Call 3 / 28 Feb 2006

by kajarno last modified 2006-04-10 15:20

Minutes from the third Conf Call of Committee B, Tue 28 Feb 2006

GPLv3 Committee B: Meeting Notes 28 Feb 2006

1. Roll call: A good 2/3 of the members were on board.

2. Scott's minutes from the meeting 31 Jan 2006 were approved. Kaj made them publicly available on

3. Mark's/Kaj's minutes from the meeting 16 Feb 2006 were approved. Kaj made them publicly available on

4. Eben explained the FSF position on the question raised by Andrew Wilson of Intel regarding the requirement for providing encryption & access codes in lines 106-113. Eben signalled willingness to tweak the current language. The FSF is willing to separate codes which are necessary to enable software, and codes which are necessary to authenticate a device towards the network.

Andrew [was] volunteered to flesh out the logic into the
document, mostly just editing his email into the "GPLv3 Issues In Progress" document.

5. We had a long discussion on C14 & C15, "What is derivative or collective works?". Kaj had fleshed it out just a few hours before the meeting. While Kaj remains the editor on C14 & C15, counterarguments to Kaj's position are welcomed into the C14 & C15 item on

6. We walked through all remaining not-yet-fleshed-out comments, and with the exception of 3-4 items, every comment got an editor.

We agreed that for the purpose of a manageable process, detailing of comments into issues is still allowed until the next meeting in two weeks, but that we would no longer do so after that meeting.

7. Everyone collectively wished Scott Peterson a good recovery from his broken leg.

8. The next meeting is in two weeks and two days on Thu 16 Mar 2006, usual time of day.


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