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Committee B Minutes / Conf Call 1 / 31 Jan 2006

by skp last modified 2006-07-18 11:43

Minutes for Committee B phone meeting 31 January 2006.

Discussion Committee B
Minutes for the phone meeting of 31 January 2006
DRAFT 8 February 2006

This meeting focused on process, and did not dive into the substance of any particular GPLv3 issue.

There were no suggestions for changes to the draft minutes from the previous meeting. That document will be now be marked 'public'.

Reminder that participants should check to see that they have access to the committee's web, email, and IRC resources. A few were on IRC during this meeting. We may make greater use of IRC during future meetings.

Discussion of process for committee work:

There appears to be more to do than can be accomplished interactively in our phone calls. We hope to do work via email.

Participants should volunteer to edit particular issues. They should do this by by updating issues in the issues document according to the template at the top of that document. In the future we plan to break out each issue into a separate document.

Expectation setting:

  • Most issues should be fleshed out (claimed by a volunteer editor and elaborated) by conf call #2 (Thu 16 Feb 2006).
  • All issues expected to be in this committee's work product should be fleshed out by conf call 3 (Tue 28 Feb 2006).
  • Any items in the 'issues' document that are not fleshed out by anybody are probably going to fall by the wayside as not having sufficient interest to merit this committee's time.

Fleshing out is only a step forward, not an endpoint. Participants are also encouraged to contribute comments on issues that have editors.

It was pointed out that it could be valuable to identify issues for which it would be helpful to learn more about FSF intent. The sooner these are identified, the sooner the committee's work can benefit from the guidance that the FSF can offer as to its intent. Send suggestions to the email list.

To help with setting the agendas for upcoming meetings, participants are encouraged to identify issues whose importance and complexity is such that the committee is likely to want to allocate significant fraction of its phone meeting time to those issues. 


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