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Committee B Minutes / Conf Call 8 / 9 May 2006

by skp last modified 2006-06-08 11:15

Minutes for Committee B phone meeting 9 May 2006.

Discussion Committee B
Minutes for the phone meeting of 9 May 2006

Roll Call

Minutes from the meeting 27 Apr 2006.

Some additions to the draft minutes are yet to be posted. [This has now been done.]

Continue issues relating to complete corresponding source code/scope/derivative works

C14: Mere aggregation
C15: combinations, collectives, and aggregates

"But when you distribute the same sections for use in combination with covered works ...the whole of the combination must be licensed under this License"

As to distribution with 'intent' to combine with GPL, the intent test in the Grokster decision was mentioned.

This is referring to a combination that would otherwise be inconsistent with the GPL. This should be redrafted to separate two policy issues:
the scope of what combinations need to be entirely licensed under the GPL is addressed in "Complete Corresponding Source Code"; section 5 does not change that, but does address how the parts are distributed.

DRM - C6a

"regardless of any other provision ... privacy"
Consideration is being given to striking this.

"No covered work constitutes part of an effective technological protection measure: ..."
Will be reworded to be less US-centric.

May not need to include the language about a work's output.

In a situation where somebody can modify the software, then it should be the user who should decide what runs. There is no intention to change the current rule that code in an unchangeable ROM is OK.

Language in section 1 needs to be rewritten.

Meeting schedule

Thes second discussion draft is expected to be published in the first days of July.

Issue editors are encouraged to get assistance from others and prepare something for the next meeting, especially on the patent issues.


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