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Committee B Minutes / Conf Call 10 / 8 June 2006

by skp last modified 2006-07-17 15:15

Minutes for Committee B phone meeting 8 June 2006.

Discussion Committee B
Minutes for the phone meeting of 8 June 2006

Roll call.

The FSF plans to release the second discussion draft on July 24. Also released at that time will be a rationale document and any completed opinions not already published.

Minutes from the meeting 9 May 2006.

No futher comments. These will be made public.

Minutes from the meeting 23 May 2006.

Attention is called to the draft minutes. Comments are invited. The minutes will be made public following the next meeting.

Continued discussion of second paragraph of section 11.

Concern about a commitment that anyone could come to a company for copies of the source code.

To avoid exclusive distribution, at least, put the code on any publicly available server at no cost.

Discussion of first paragraph of section 11.

Exploration of a new approach: when you receive code under this license you receive from each party who has propogated the code a warranty of noninfringement as to that party's patent portfolio that parallels the copyright license.

C33: addition of warranty of non-infringement

This addition should be made (did not appear controversial). But, if the approach discussed above is implemented, it would need to be adjusted so as to not interfere with that other provision.

Safety-critical systems disclaimer (section 18)

Eben would like feedback on this provision.

License compatibility (section 7).

Discussion of added permissions.

Disccussion of added requirements:

Facilitates combining code that, although not under the GPL is under a license that ought not be an impediment to combination with GPL.

Possible areas where such combination might be particularly valuable:

  • Tool chain / integrated development environment (e.g., components from GNU project and from Eclipse project).
  • web server / kernel convergence
  • file systems / kernel

There was discussion of the importance of being able to effectively apply tools to manage increasingly complex licensing information.

Termination (section 8).

This is a statute of limitations, not a cure period.

6. Plan for next meetings.

[complete corresponding source code - wait for new draft to see new language]

Invite suggestions


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