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Committee B Minutes / Conf Call 14 / 15 August 2006

by skp last modified 2006-10-04 08:08

Minutes for Committee B phone meeting 15 August 2006.

Discussion Committee B
Minutes for the phone meeting of 15 August 2006

Update on face-to-face meeting planning.

Update RE patent issues

each author and conveyor = each author and each conveyor

"any material conveyed on which the Program is based"
in the case of software, material is 'code'. Looking for a more general word in the case that GPL is applied to works other than software.

Effect of definition of "you" [This was on the agenda; but I don't find anything on this in my notes.]

Newsforge article:
The 'no military use' license for GPU:

The FSF has not been using its copyright in the license text to prevent this sort of use of the license by original authors. GPL3 tries to prevent this with language saying that you can remove such an additional restriction.

Discussion of section 7
roles it plays
concerns about resulting licensing complexity.


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