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Minutes from 2006/01/16-17 meeting

by novalis last modified 2006-01-24 17:22

These minutes were approval at the 1/24 meeting.


  1. The goal of Commitee D is to represent rather than advocate, to clarify and refine and, when needed, complete the range of views.  Each member will seek input from the community, and provide input via the comment system as individuals rather than as a committee.
  2. The committee has no chair.  Instead, each meeting has a coordinator who will serve until the election of the next coordinator.  David Turner was the coordinator for the first day.  Zak Greant was the coordinator for the second day.
  3. Every issue which the committee adopts will have one manager who is responsible for that issue.
  4. New committee members will be nominated by present members.  New members will be approved by a majority vote of those present by a secret ballot.  To facilitate the use of Debian's voting softare for this, all committee members will generate a GPG key.  The Debian developers present offered to help with this.
  5. All phone or live meetings will be voice-recorded, and these records will be made public.  All IRC meetings will be logged and these logs will be made public.
  6. Everyone who can will endeavor to take notes at meetings.  Those notes will be sent to David Turner, who will synthesize them into minutes.  At the beginning of a meeting, the committee will approve the minutes of the previous meeting.
  7. The Commitee D mailing list will be publically archived.  Only Committe D members will be able to post.
  8. All members of Committee D will have permissions to edit the web pages.  But substantive edits will be approved by a 2/3rds vote of those present at any committee meeting.
  9. Commitee D will create a comment style guide.  This will contain at the minimum some good examples of comments.  Louis Suarez-Potts, Zak Greant, and Mick Weiss will be responsible for this.

Discussed (but not resolved):

  1. The international community should perhaps be better represented in the committee.  This will be discussed at future meetings.
  2. The mailing list archives should not mail message ids.
  3. Commitee D should start picking issues to adopt.

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