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Minutes from 2006/01/24 meeting

by novalis last modified 2006-01-31 19:18

Committee D GPLv3 Meeting 1/24/2006

People present

  • Don Armstrong
  • David Turner
  • David Rickerby
  • Mark Doliner
  • Jacob Fenwick
  • Zak Greant
  • Massimo Tisi
  • Biella Coleman
  • Daniel Scales
  • Richard Fontana
  • Bradley Kuhn
  • James Blackwell
  • Steven Edwards
  • Jean-Baptiste Soufron


  • obra (Jesse Vincent)
  • mick (Mick Wiess)

Minutes (approved at January 31, 2006 meeting)

  • Election for coordinator. Zak selected, 8-0 in favor (Jacob Fenwick addressed order_bit instead of order_bot, novalis_dt doesn't actually get a vote)
  • Moved: Table discussion of international membership till next meeting. (ZakGreant) second (dondelelcaro). Passed by consensus.
  • Moved: approve minutes from last meeting. (Rickerby) second (dondelelcaro+Jackob_Fenwick). passed by consensus
  • Moved: (a) make email archives public with (b) member addresses obfuscated, but (c) message-ids in appropriate headers not obfuscated and (d) if feasible, mbox archives accessible. (ZakGreant). passed by consensus
  • Moved: weekly meetings at this time and place. (Rickerby). passed by consensus
  • Nominated: Mike Nordell of Abiword (Tamlin) by sedwards.¬† David Turner will send this out via devotee as soon as it's set up.
  • Moved: Nominations for new committee members are made via email. Voting is performed via devotee, with results viewed by someone chosen by the FSF. Voting is open for one full week after the nomination. (ZakGreant) second (jblack, tomislav_medak). passed by consensus
  • Motion: (process to deal with raising comments to issues) 1. possible issue raised from comments; 2. committee votes 3. volunteers assigned¬† to plumb issue, pulling more comments if necessary, keeping an eye out for future comments (ZakGreant) second (dondelelcaro) passed by consensus
  • Issue: Comment 345 and 617 should comprise one issue. sedwards will be issue steward. passed 8-0
  • Moved: adjourn until next week tuesday (1/31/2006) at 2200UTC. (dondelelcaro) second (ZakGreant). passed by consensus

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