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Minutes from 2006/01/31 meeting

by novalis last modified 2006-01-31 19:17

To be approved on February 7, 2006

People Present:
Don Armstrong
Jesse Vincent
Mark Doliner
Massimo Tisi
Daniel Scales
James Blackwell
Jacob Fenwick
David Turner
David Sugar
Steven Edwards
Benjamin Mako Hill
Tomislav Medak
Marcell Mars

David Turner is coordinating this meeting (passed by consensus)

Approved minutes (consensus)

Passed by consensus:
James Blackwell is stewarding the following issues:
Anti DMCA Segment Confusing
Physical media for source too expensive (10 times your cost)

Don Armstrong is stewarding the following issues:
Copyright/Warranty Information on Startup

Dissallowing Illegal things (and the conflict with freedom 0)

DRM and allowing authentication/secured tranport

David Sugar (dyfet) will steward the wording/clarification of the 60-day forgiveness period.

Obra will steward work on the phrase "digital restrictions management"

sedwards will take the Changelog comment 682 as an issue


There was much discussion of the term Digital Restrictions Management. Obra will write up his views.  If anyone disagrees, they'll add their own.

Nominations for further members should be sent to David Turner

Meeting adjourned at 23:30:19 by David Turner; next meeting Tuesday at 2200UTC


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