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Minutes from 2006/02/07 meeting

by novalis last modified 2006-02-21 17:07

Approved on February 21, 2006

People Present:
David Turner
Don Armstrong
Massimo Tisi
Jesse Vincent
Tomislav Medak
Richard Fontana
Benjamin Mako Hill
Jacob Fenwick

David Turner coordinating by consensus

Progress on issues collected last time:
Don: none
Jesse: examining coments

Linus's position on v3's DRM clause.  Is an anti-DRM clause a good idea?  If so, how should it be worded?  Digital signatures used only by humans are a key sticking point.  Don is collecting comments here.

Soufron will prepare a report on the EUCD implications of GPLv3 (especially as implemented in French law) for next week.

Mako will take on the AGPL-compatibility clause.  We need metalicensing language which covers the AGPL and perhaps future, cleaner AGPLs.

Last meeting's minutes passed by concensus.


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