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Minutes from 2006/03/21 meeting

by novalis last modified 2006-03-28 16:52

Minutes from Committee D meeting 3/21/2006

Masayuki Hatta reports that some Japanese companies are now analyzing
the 1st draft and may publish a report soon.  He has offered to translate or
summarize that for report us.

Don and Zak are going to examine comments-on-comments using Orion's new RSS feed.

Zak will study section 5(c)

Committee D wants to find a way for people to email the committess as
a whole.  This is less of an issue for Committee D, since we run open
meetings on IRC.

Rickerby will examine the source distribution rules with respect to
binary distribution via non-traditional means such as Tor, Bittorrent,
HTTPS, etc.

When people examine issues, they will start associating comments with
each other using parent/child, and they will mark them as issues.


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