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Minutes from 2006/03/28 meeting

by novalis last modified 2006-04-05 17:02

Here is the list of assigned tasks:

Zak Greant is working on  section 5c.

David Rickerby is working on non-traditional source distribution.

Don Arnstrong is working on drm and authentication, dissalowing illegal things (illegal privacy invasion), copyright information on startup, and API keys

Benjamin "Mako" Hill is working on the affero compatibility clause

Jean-Baptiste Soufron is working to prepare a report on the EUCD implications of GPLv3.  This isn't strictly an issue, but it's something we want to see.

Steven Edwards is working on renaming the license, and on the Changelog issue in comment 682.

James Blackwell is working on explaining how GPLv3 fights DRM, and on physical media for source too expensive

Jesse Vincent is working on the phrase "digital restrictions management"

Massimo Tisi is working on "source code isn't executed" said he would address this. 

Daniel Scales is working on gpl3.licensingpatents.p2.s1

Last call for new issues for this draft.

Committee D discussed progress on Don Armstrong's DRM and authentication document. 

Seth Schoen discussed the how the anti-DRM provisions will work in various complex situations.  David Turner explained that courts can detect and prevent collusion where computer programs can't.  A rule of thumb is the wink wink nudge nudge rule: if a description of the proposed scheme would benefit from the addition of winks and nudges, it's probably secondary infringement. This discussion continued on the mailing list.

The phrase "excepted as altered by your modifications" is considered somewhat misleading since the "you" referred to is the licensee -- that is, the person who must provide the source code. 

There was also some discussion of how easy it would have to be to make certain changes.


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