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Bundled Data

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Games are perhaps the most notable case where data, being a majority of the software, is required for it's function and non-trivial to create. In this test case there are three components; the engine, the game code, and the game data (levels, images, sound, storyline, etc).

Tom produces a game using a GPLv3-licensed engine. Following the example of others he releases the code of his game under the GPLv3 - must he also release the data for his game to be compliant with the license of the engine?

Sally designs a partial replacement for Tom's game data, some new artwork perhaps. The data is clearly intended to be loaded by the game, as if it were a plugin or module, using similar file names and artwork layout. Does the GPLv3 require her to license this derived work under the GPLv3?

Shark Games, Inc. thinks Tom's "Bullmen" 3d models are swell and want to use them in their next proprietary game. Does the GPLv3 prevent them from using his artwork (licensed under the GPLv3) in the same product, resulting in his artwork existing in the same process as proprietary code and proprietary artwork, without obtaining a separate license from Tom?