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Keep the Source

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A malicious company writes a web application and releases it under the GPL, with additional terms requiring that functionality to download the source code remain in place. In this web application, the interface to download source code requires you to donate $100 to the company's Pay Pal account before downloading the code. People who download and use the source code must keep that same webpage, donating money to the original company.

User:syeates The first person who downloads the source code must pay $100, but they could then build an additional method of downloading the code into the software. All following users would have the option of paying $100 or downloading it for free. Alternatively that first downloader could put the software (and subsequent versions) on a website for others to download directly. But yes, the same webpage must be kept in software (but maybe not necessarily linked too?)

A company can release a web application they write from scratch under whatever license they like -- if they aren't going to release it under a free license, we can't force them. Of course, if the web application is a derivative work of a GPLd program, then they can't add additional terms. a1kmm 20:15, 10 March 2006 (EST)