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Comment 3445: Restructure the GPL in terms of Rights and the associated Responsibilities

In section: title.0.0
Submitted by: jamesgnz on 2007-06-21 at 01:53 EDT
1 agree: bothie
noted by jamesgnz on 2007-06-21 at 01:53 EDT:

The GPL big (about 11 pages), and convoluted. It is difficult to figure out your responsibilities. For example, if you convey a verbatim copy of a work under Section 4[1], then you are also bound by terms from 5 other sections.

Restructure the license into a section for each right (as below), and for each right, list the associated responsibilities.

- Receiving a license

- Using the program

- Conveying source (verbatim and modified)

- Conveying binaries

- Conveying linked AGPL works

Details are posted in a child comment.

noted by jamesgnz on 2007-06-21 at 01:55 EDT:


0. Definitions. [0, 1, 11p0-1]

1. Receiving a Licence.

1.1. License grant is given upon receiving the Program. [10p0s0, 2p0s0, 11p2&7, 3p0]

- a. License acceptance is implied by modifying or propagating. [9[5]]

- b. No warranty is provided, unless in writing for a fee. [15[11], 16[12], 17]

- c. Additional liability disclaimers may apply. [7a]

- d. Additional publicity restrictions may apply. [7d]

- e. License adherence is not excused by other obligations. [12[7]]

- f. License termination may result from license breach. [8[4]]

1.2. Additional permissions may apply. [7p0, 7p9s0-1, 14[9]]

2. Using the Program.

2.1 Using the unmodified Program and fair use are unlimited. [2p0s1-3]

2.2 Making and using covered works is permitted. [2p1, 2p2s0]

3. Conveying Source.

3.1. Conveying verbatim copies of source is permitted. [4[1]p0s0, 4p1]

- a. Licensing restrictions may not be imposed. [10[6]p0s1&p2, 2p2s1]

- b. Patents, if they protect you, must protect everyone. [11p3-6]

- c. Technical measures may not be enforced. [3p1]

- d. Notices must be retained and made conspicuous. [4[1]p0s0]

- e. Additional names and marks terms may apply. [7e]

- f. Additional liability indemnification terms may apply. [7f]

- g. Transfer of control requires transfer of rights. [10[6]p1]

3.2. Conveying modified source versions is permitted. [5[2]p0s0 parts]

- a. Above terms of Section 3.1 apply. [5[2]p0s0 part]

- b. Licensing must be available under this License. [5[2]c, 7p1-2, 7p9s2] - c. Notices must be included and prominent. [5[2]abd, 7p10-11]

- d. Additional notices terms may apply. [7bc]

4. Conveying non-source forms is permitted. [6[3]p0s0 part]

- a. Above terms of Sections 3.1 and 3.2 apply. [6[3]p0s0 part]

- b. Source code must be made available. [6[3]p0s0 part, 6p1-6, 6p11]

- c. Installation information is required for User Products. [6[3]p7-10]

5. Conveying Non-GPL Works.

5.1. Conveying linked Affero GPL works is permitted. [13]

5.2. Conveying aggregates is permitted. [5[2]p5]

How to Apply this License

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